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Baltimore, MD

(410) 653-9568

Welcome to A-1 Security Systems Baltimore

For over twenty years we have served the Baltimore Metro, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area.

Commercial Camera Systems

How to keep control of your business without being there 24hr.'s a day. 

First of all realize over 80% of all your losses are coming from within your own employees. With that in mind the design of a proper Camera System is crucial. Using Hi Mega Pixel or at least Hi-Definition camera's will allow you to see details of transactions at each area you see being necessary.

Camera Systems

For businesses that are in large open areas such as trucking/shipping containers, etc. we can use a Camera System where we can see what is going on 24hr.'s a day from our Central station how these work vary and can be specifically designed for each business. 

Access Control

We do have motorized gate access control systems where the driver have a key fob and there is a reader located for them to allow the gate to slide open. Each occurrence is recorded to make sure that is the correct driver and no other vehicles are following them through the gate. For other gate situations where theft of trucks or stock can be monitored by the use of detectors that tell us we have a human being coming through or a vehicle.

Live Monitoring

the cameras will be brought online live at our Central Station so we can watch live feed and determine what the next step is. Most businesses do not require live feed viewing but recording of activities should be reviewed if you see variations in register sales between shift operators. Also any high traffic area's that can pottentionally cause liability issues should have correct camera coverage. There is no doubt correctly designed camera systems can help an owner keep their finger on the pulse of day to day activities.